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[21 Jul 2004|11:56pm]
new lj username : pizazz__it__up
please add my new name !!
this is my last entry on this name
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[19 Jul 2004|03:06pm]
[ mood | happy ]

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lolol my team is gonna kick your team's ass

well nothing else is really new. i went to the mall and got a shirt from american eagle for $5! dude i was so pleased with myself. i also bought the new beastie boys cd to the 5 boroughs. it's really good. and i also bought 4 pairs of earrings woohoo. i might go to the mall again today i still have like $50. im so cheap.
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[17 Jul 2004|10:18pm]
[ mood | blank ]

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coming back from vacation sucks..#$%#% [11 Jul 2004|02:10pm]
[ mood | blah ]

i havent updated in awhile i was too lazy to do so.. but for the past week July 3-10 i was in paradise. pilgrim pines is by far the greatest vacation spot ever. everyone there is soo nice and there is always stuff to do. i went mountain boarding which is basically a skateboard with huge wheels and you go down the golf course. i also went knee boarding, tubing, and did archery which i suck at. but anyways there are so many cool people there.. haha we even formed a like posse:me,laura,sarah,megan,amanda,amanda,daniel,frankie,nathan,brittany&hope. seriously these people rock. we liek partied every freakin night. i miss it so much. milford is so freakin boring. well here are some pics i took while i was there..enjoy <3
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[16 Jun 2004|03:16pm]
injectxlove has the last piece of Aztec gold.
lacewithcyanide got x0xmeganx0x drunk and naked, and took photos. at__last downloaded them.
xfurtheris4evrx and passingsolitude run a bordello in Soho. bleedredx and at__last are blackmailing them.
bleedredx has a secret fixation with butter!
injectxlove knows the truth about lacewithcyanide and bertwagner.
bleedredx saw something they shouldn't have in bertwagner's parents' bedroom...

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too funny not to post
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[16 Jun 2004|10:35am]
[ mood | giddy ]

woot woot home early today cuz i only had my science final.
btw anyone who hasnt taken manka's honors final STUDY HARD, it is really long.. i have to make up the rest of it on friday
anyways my sunburn is looking somewhat better. at least im not bright red anymore. i made french fries when i got home and they are delicious. and they are less bad than mcdonalds cuz i baked them yay!

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[15 Jun 2004|01:06pm]
[ mood | SUNBURNT ]

well this weekend was interesting..

-katie's birthday party.. people were being a little too cliquey and pissed off me and krista. haha we walked around the neighborhood and almost got hit by cars. got yelled at by lauren flanagan's sister who drove by katie's house like 7 times in a row and then not the like 3rd time megan called her a loser and she called us fuckin faggots on like the 7th time how gay.

-slept over krista's.. pirates of the caribbean was on so we watched it. johnny depp = hotness. haha krista we are pirates!.

-band car wash.. got really bad sunburn at this. me and krista and gikas kept leaving to go downtown. a huge ass winnebago(camper) pulled in so we washed it. the fron part of a truck pulled in too. ok people it is called a car wash not a camper and truck wash. i talked to krista dan and cara for awhile and then i had some interesting and hilarious conversations with mike finch and shannon spencer. omg it would be a walking turd! lmao.

-harry potter 3 with krista.. good movie i recommend you see it.

<3 crushing (?)

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[07 Jun 2004|03:56pm]
[ mood | happy ]

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[07 Jun 2004|02:32pm]
[ mood | calm ]

my life is so boring. this whole weekend i hung out with megan and amanda but mostly megan. it was cool cuz i havent had time to because of sports.sunday i went bowling with caroline amy kim siri angela and caroline's sister and her friends. siri didnt know how to bowl and had to use the x-small 7 pound ball and she got like 3 strikes but everything else gutter balls. then me adn megan went to costco and this old lady was chopping cheese for samples and this guy went to grab a piece that was on the cutting board(already like done) adn she grabs his arm, looks up, and throws his arm away from the table. we were like OH SHIT and we ran away. and then we were scared to take samples from people. then we went to the mall and bought clothes. and that was about all i did this weekend. pics will be in the next entry as soon as i resize and upload them <3.

scare the skunk.

[03 Jun 2004|02:41pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Nothing really new. Pimped Steph's journal yesterday and tried on amanda and megans bathing suits that were too small for them. so yay now i actually have some good suits that dont make me look fat lol just kidding. we got a smoothie maker <3. Tonight is my track banquet woohoo. im so relieved it's over. it was fun at the beginning but trust me running like 3 miles a day is not fun. i cant wait for volleyball season to start. i love volleyball so much.

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